Temptations or options….


In general, a temptation is a suggested course of thinking and action that is not in our best interests

or in the interests of others.


So temptations appear to us, not as evil

in and of themselves, but as options,

with plusses and minuses, costs and benefits-

for us to choose. 

Temptations appear to be options to be weighed rather than demonic invitations that have to be dismissed. 

Temptations are attractive (can you say, ‘tempting’) because they appeal to our fantasy selves, those parts of us we imagine to be above it all, invulnerable and all good.

Remembering who we are and whose we are

as sons and daughters of God is the right place

to line up with the truth.


It is best not to decide

until you know

who is most influencing

your deciding.

The best way to say no

is to be in touch with a stronger




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