A Prayer of the Magi



               “We have seen his star at its rising
 and we have come to honor him.”
  Matthew 2.2

God of truth, open my eyes

to your light

and give me faith to follow.

Give me devotion to seek your presence,

to come close to you, to draw near…

a faith to forsake all that glitters

and follow where the light of your love leads.

Give me resolve

to leave the familiar

and make of my life a holy pilgrimage.

Give me humility

     to ask directions,

and seek help from other seekers.

Give me steadfastness to seek

and not turn back,

despite challenges of distance and strangeness.

Give me courage to stand

against the forces of Herod

and its desire to use me. 

Give me generosity to give of my gifts,

insight to bow to holiness
in whomever I may see it

and wisdom and readiness to go by a new road.

God of love, may I

be guided by the light of your presence,

led by wonder, trust and love. Amen.


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