(I Believe in) the Forgiveness of Sins

forgive labyrinth.jpg

  Holy God, I want to be willing to forgive

but I do not know if I want to ask for the will to forgive,

for I may not be ready.

I am not ready for my heart to soften,

I am not ready to be vulnerable again,

not ready to see that there is humanity in the eyes of another

or that the one who hurt me may also have cried.

I am not yet ready for the journey.

I am not yet ready to be committed to the path.

I am at the prayer before the prayer of forgiveness.

Grant me the will to want to forgive,

grant it to me, not yet, but soon.

Can I even form the words,

‘Forgive Me’?

Do I dare to see the hurt that I have caused?


Is there a place where we can meet?

You and me,

the place in the middle, the no man’s land,

where we straddle the lines;

where you are right

and I am right, too,

and both of us are wrong and wronged.

Can we meet there?

And look for the place where the path begins,

the path that ends when we forgive…

( by Desmond and Mpho Tutu)




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