A Prayer for Super Bowl Sunday weekend…


    Creator God, thank you for the gifts of this weekend to come, and a new week ahead, and in that a promise of the resurrection. Whether recreation or work engages us today, in some way may we use the day to your purposes, aware of your presence with us, for your Sabbath approaches.

     As we share our lives with family, friends and community, help our conduct to glorify you.

      Lots of folks are excited about sports these days, and we thank you for the joys and renewal that comes in recreation. Thank you for the way it so often fosters friendships, enhances community, builds character and creates jobs. Help us not to make it a source of bitterness, or to over-prioritize it, or to become idolatrous in our devotion to it.

     Through these next days, may we become as passionate about mercy and justice as we are about competent referees. We pray for any who are struggling with domestic violence or human trafficking today, especially as it may intersect with sports.

   Even as millions are engaged as viewers of sports spectacles, others are working and serving, even in harm’s way, far away from family, and on our behalf. We lift them to you in our prayers.

      We pray for those these days who face real burdens, lacking means, food, shelter, health, hope, love. We pray that our lives may be directed in service to others, as you care for us in love.

     Lord, may these days ahead be a time of refreshment and renewal- that as we become temporarily preoccupied with a spectacle, we may return with new energy, intelligence, imagination and love for the work you call us to do; in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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