for the New Year…



A Blessing for the New Year
May you be ever aware of the light that shines in the darkness;
that the darkness can never put out the light.

May your eyes be opened to the wonder of the daily miracle
of life around you, and may your sense of mystery be deepened.

May you be willing enough to let go of the past,
to lay down failures, guilt and shame, lift up your eyes
and look to the future, for only in letting go can you be freed
to grasp new opportunity.

May you be blessed with companions on the journey
who will listen to you and encourage you with their presence.

May you learn to live with what is unsolved in your heart,
daring to face the questions and holding them
until, one day, they find their answers.

May love flow in and through you to those who need your care.

May the grace of God’s presence strengthen your resolve,
clarify your will, and equip you
to live with courage, faith and cheerfulness
until the year’s end- and far, far beyond.
(For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1)


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