Life as a Lamp



The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

As it is written in the prophet Isaiah,

“See, I am sending my messenger ahead of you,

who will prepare your way;

the voice of one crying out in the wilderness:

‘Prepare the way of the Lord,

make his paths straight…’”        

       Mark 1:1-3

“Life as a Lamp” (reflecting the ministry of John the Baptist-)


I can smash an idol.

But I cannot reveal the fullness of God.


I can wash my body clean,

But I cannot right wrongs.


I can devour honey-coated locusts,

But I cannot lace His sandal.


I can claim the truth,

But I do not embody it.


I can condemn the sin,

But I cannot bear it away.


John examines,

Jesus restores.


John pronounces the path,

Jesus walks it.


Who is it who takes me to the edge,

leads me to say ‘yes’ again and again,

commands my allegiance, love and loyalty;

who knows my propensity to mess up,

yet still grants faith, endurance and courage

in the possibilities and power to make new;

light given to me,


Not to burn out,

But to be brightened.


Not to be overwhelmed,

But to be illumined.


Not to be consumed,

But to be fed.






*(Acknowledging the poetic imagery of John Shea; scholar, teacher and priest.)


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